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The Merger and Acquisition Process

A successful merger and acquisition transaction requires that the following steps be performed at the proper time and in a professional manner:

1. Assessment Meeting: Consultation and assessment to discuss the operation and history of your company, explain the process of the business sales, mergers and acquisitions and discuss the potential offering of your business to market.

2. Determination of Your Objectives: It is important that your personal needs be fully understood prior to the initiation of the process. This is an important element of any marketing plan and transaction structure.

3. Review of The Business: Comprehensive review of the business facilities and other assets, business history, management structure, employees, customer base, operations, financial statements, tax returns, marketing programs and growth potential.

4. Pricing the Company: Preparation of historical financial performance comparisons and projections for estimation of market value and recommendation of offering price based on the value of tangible assets, intangible assets, and identification of hidden values that can sometimes significantly increase the transaction price.

5. Confidential Business Summary: Preparation of the initial offering profile and financial summary, a document 1 to 3 pages summarizing the size and general description of the business without name of company, location or specific information that would divulge the identity.

6. Confidential Business Review: Preparation of a multi-page comprehensive marketing document, including a review of the industry, the economic conditions, the business facilities and other assets, the business history, management structure, employment base, customer base, review of financial statements, marketing programs and performa growth projections.

7. Marketing Plan: Preparation and implementation of the marketing plan to introduce the acquisition or merger opportunity to a comprehensive list of potential interested parties approved by the company.

8. Acquirer Search and Communication: Search and development of prospective acquirer list, distribution of the offering and profile information and communication with interested parties and prospective buyers.

9. Qualification & Negotiation: Verification of the financial and other qualifications of the of the potential acquirers and negotiation of the proposed terms and conditions for the presentation of the letters of interest of intent to acquire.

10. Deal Structuring and Due Diligence: Deal structuring, presentation of offers, letters of intent and purchase agreements. Coordination and consultation with accounting, legal and estate planning specialists in negotiation and satisfaction of requirement and concerns of the parties.

11: Documentation: Consultation with accounting, legal and estate planning specialists in the preparation of closing documents.

12: Closing: Execution of closing documents, transfer of funds to seller and possession of business to buyer.


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