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The Role of the M&A Intermediary

1. VALUATION AND PRICING Business Intermediaries are educated and experienced at evaluation companies and determining the potential value range based on criteria relevant to various categories of acquisition candidates and have professional resources to evaluate market conditions.

2. PREPARING FOR THE BUSINESS FOR SALE To achieve the best result it is imperative that the business be presented in the best possible way. Preparation and packaging the business in order to emphasize the selling features is an everyday function for the intermediary.

3. MARKETING THE BUSINESS Business intermediaries can reach more potential buyers and can reach them much faster than anyone who if not active in this market. Sources of buyers include:

Internet websites: Business intermediaries utilize numerous websites to find interested parties for businesses. The most effective websites are operated exclusively for brokers through industry affiliations and are marketed to reach selected targets.

Networking with affiliates: Seasoned intermediaries interact and cooperate with hundreds of affiliates through various industry associations around the U.S. and foreign countries.

Databases of Individual Buyers: Experienced intermediaries have active in-house databases of potential buyers for businesses, many for specific industries.

Databases for Industry Buyers: There are many companies in most industries actively seeking growth through acquisition of similar companies. Business intermediaries have access to these companies.

Networking with Investors: Private equity groups and private investor groups communicate regularly with business intermediaries to review companies that may fill their investment needs.

Media Advertising: Business intermediaries use various media advertising sources daily and have a good working knowledge of the best venues to reach buyers for specific industries.

4. STRUCTURING THE DEAL AND COMPLETING THE TRANSACTION Business intermediaries are trained through formal education and practical experience at structuring business transactions in order tho meet the needs of the seller and the buyer. Without these skills, more deals fall apart than are actually consummated.

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